Post Op Instructions

In case of emergency, you can always speak to doctor even after office hours by indicating a dental emergency on our phone system or sending a text message to our office number 781-272-5080.

  • Do not eat anything or drink hot fluids/food today
  • No vigorous rinsing, drinking through a straw, or spitting for today so the blood clot will not be disturbed.
  • Today rest as much as possible with your head elevated. No vigorous exercising for 3 days.
  • Slight bleeding is normal for several hours following surgery. If persistent bleeding occurs place a wet teabag on the involved area and apply light direct pressure for 15-20 continuous minutes. Repeat as necessary.
  • Do not pull back the lips or cheeks to look at the area as this can disturb the surgical site and increase complications.
  • Avoid eating on the surgical area biting into food with front teeth for 2 weeks. Avoid acidic, small seed, nuts and crunchy foods. Drink plenty of fluids.
  • Do not use tobacco or drink alcohol as these will compromise healing process.
  • Swelling can be lessened by placing a cold compress on the face alternating on and off for 20 min during the first 72 hours. Keep in mind that bruising and swelling may peak around 4th or 5th day following surgery.
  • Take pain medications as needed for pain. If prescribed, take them according to directions. If you take Medrol or antibiotic, make sure to finish the dose.
  • Starting tonight, hold warm salt water (one cup of warm water + teaspoon of salt) in your mouth (towards surgical area) for 1 minute and drain out, three times a day for 2 wks
  • After the periodontal treatment, proper oral hygiene must be maintained in surgical area to aid in healing. Please keep brushing remaining teeth (just avoid surgical area). In surgical area – after 2 weeks, carefully brush the teeth while avoiding the gums. Gentle flossing can be resumed in 2 weeks after sutures are removed.
  • After surgery, teeth sensitivity may occur. This is remedied by maintaining proper oral hygiene and by the use of specially formulated toothpaste, such as Sensodyne.
  • Return for your appointment to have sutures removed. If suture loosen or come out within 7 days post-surgery, please inform one of our doctors.